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With digital signatures you can sign your email and exchange encrypted e-mail.


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Changes Affecting Xolphin as of 15 February 2024

Xolphin is now part of Sectigo. As part of our ongoing strategy to leverage the latest technology in our validation processes, and to improve Xolphin customers' validation times, Sectigo is updating the Xolphin platform and APIs. This means, however, that API changes are coming to Resellers who sell OV/EV SSL and Code Signing certificates issued by Sectigo.

  • Purchase: August 14, 2023 is the last day you can purchase or renew your Class-2 S/MIME certificates under existing standards.
  • Order Submission: or Class-2 S/MIME certificates that have been purchased or renewed under existing standards, August 21, 2023  is the last day for order submission.
  • Validation: any orders not validated by August 28, 2023, will be cancelled.
For more information see our guide. For questions contact Xolphin Support.

Email certificate

An email certificate is used to sign email messages and Office documents. The signature provides assurance about the sender and the contents of the file.

Email encryption

Besides signing your email messages, an email certificate can also be used to exchange encrypted email messages which can only be read by the intended recipient. Both the sender and the recipient will need their own certificates to allow for email encryption. Signing and encryption is only possible using email software that supports S/MIME. More information.

Secure login

An email certificate can also be used as a client certificate to allow for secure login to online applications and services. In that case, the certificate replaces the traditional password or is used as another step in the login process. This is known as two-factor authentication. For added security, it is also possible to store the certificate on a PKI token.

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