Do you request SSL certificates on a regular basis? Would you like to easily expand your product offerings and increase your service level in order to generate extra revenue? Become a Xolphin SSL reseller. Thousands of SSL resellers benefit from the reseller program already.

The SSL market is rapidly evolving - the use of commercial SSL certifcates has grown with 269% between 2016 and 2018. Profit as a Xolphin reseller and easily request SSL certificates from trusted brands such as Sectigo and GlobalSign. Our experienced team provides quick delivery, personal assistance and objective advice. Since 2002 we delivered 1.000.000 certificates to 50.000 customers and 3.000 resellers.

  • Fast- Extended Validation SSL certificate delivery within one day.
  • Multilingual validation - As RA (Registration Authority) we can validate in 11 languages.
  • Professional - Personal and professional technical and commercial support, if necessary also outside office-hours.
  • Fair- All certificates priced attractively and quickly delivered
  • Clear and easy - Manage all certificates from the unique Xolphin Control Panel, or use the Xolphin API for seamless integration with your own platform.

Where do I sign up?

You can become a Xolphin reseller directly. In case you have already purchased SSL certificates at Xolphin, we can convert your account to a reseller account free of charge. Reseller discounts will be applied to all orders you have already placed on the Xolphin website. Are you not a customer yet? Create a reseller account using the link below. As a reseller you have to enter a Processor's agreement with us, in order to comply to the GDPR. You can find this document in your account.

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SSL reseller program

Become a Xolphin reseller and profit from:

  • Quick delivery
    Being an official Sectigo and GlobalSign Registration Authority, we have our own validation team. As such we are able to deliver certificates quickly. Furthermore, we’re able to complete the validation procedure in your customer’s preferred language. Get a competitive advantage by being able to deliver Extended Validation certificates within one day, making use of Xolphin’s swift delivery.
  • Automation
    Xolphin offers plugins for WHMCS and HostFact, and provides an API that you can use to write your own integrations. By integrating the order process both you and your customers are able to request certificates directly from your own systems.
  • Specialist support
    At Xolphin, you are always able to get in touch with one of our employees for personal and objective advice as well as technical support. During working hours, we answer e-mail messages within 15 minutes. We’re available even 24/7 for urgent matters.
  • Attractive pricing
    We apply volume discounts when you purchase certificates in bulk so that you can realise profitable margins. The more SSL certificates ordered, the higher the discount. We provide a 5% discount if you order 10 certificates every year. 15% discount is applied with over 100 certificate orders (based on Organisation Validation). To determine the number of certificates we look at certificates with Organization Validation, these count for 1. Domain Validated SSL counts half, and Extended Validation SSL double. For even larger volumes, we provide advanced custom solutions tailored to your needs and wishes. Note: the reseller discount applies to all SSL certificates and digital signatures, except for Ensured certificates. Do you want to offer Ensured certificates? Please contact us for a tailor-made proposal.
  • Free EV certificate
    In order to boost your Extended Validation SSL certificate sales, you will receive a free Sectigo Extended Validation certificate, with a minimum certificate volume of 10 certificates per year. This minimum volume is based on the calculation above.
  • White label delivery
    Costs and supply conditions are up to you. There is no minimum deposit, minimum commitment or any start-up costs.
  • Flexible payment options
    Certificates are charged after delivery and can be paid using a variety of payment options. Did you order an incorrect certificate by accident? Within 30 days, SSL certificates can be canceled free of charge.
  • Safety first
    Xolphin is ISO 27001, 9001 and WebTrust certified. As such, you can be sure that your data is handled in a safe manner and we work as efficiently as possible.
  • Training
    We like sharing our broad knowledge and experience by giving one or multiple trainings at your location. These trainings include assistance to achieve optimal implementation and SSL certificate sales.

Do you have any questions, specific wishes, or do you want to convert your existing account a reseller account? Please contact us; we’d be happy to provide you with advice tailored to your needs. Are you a Xolphin SSL reseller already? View our tips for resellers



Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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