Sectigo Web Security Platform

The Sectigo Web Security Platform is a single solution that protects websites against almost all online threats. This comprehensive and automated security platform offers organizations, small or large, a fully customized web security package.

In the steadily growing online crime industry, at least two-thirds focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. SMBs are an interesting target group because there is usually less attention and budget for combating cybercrime, while the need for good online security is only increasing and - due to the presence of a lot of capital - the risk is high. Web applications are involved in more than 40% of cyber attacks. The Sectigo Web Security Platform offers a solution.

The eight building blocks

It is not for nothing that SSL certificates are nowadays standard for business websites - they provide a secure connection between websites and browsers. But this is only a small part of web security best practices. The Sectigo Web Security Platform combines SSL certificates from Sectigo with eight layers of comprehensive "set it and forget it" web security, managed from one cloud-based portal. Allowing businesses to automate daily website backups and scans, receive proactive notifications to instantly patch vulnerabilities and remove malware, and more. Sectigo Web is also available without an SSL certificate and can be expanded to eight components:

Web Detect

An automatic daily scan for critical security issues such as malware, vulnerabilities, XSS & SQL injections, spam and blacklisting. Contains:

  • Malware Detection
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Spam Monitoring

Web Patch

A daily scan that automatically fixes vulnerabilities in a CMS or database. Contains:

  • Automated CMS Core Patching
  • Automated CMS Plugin Patching
  • Automated CMS Theme Patching

Web Clean

Protects websites from cyber criminals by automatically removing infected website files. Contains:

  • Automated Malware File Removal
  • Automated Malware Code Removal
  • Automated Malware Database Cleaning
  • Spam List Remediation
  • Blacklist Remediation

Web Backup & Restore

Automatic website backup for restoring a website with one click. Contains:

  • 1 GB Storage
  • Backups for Website(s)
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Auto-Backup (Daily)
  • Unlimited Restores
  • File Change Monitoring


Realizes optimal availability and accessibility of websites worldwide. Contains:

  • Smart Routing
  • Load Balancing and Failover
  • DDoS Protection
  • IPv6 Support

Web Accelerate

A global content delivery network optimizes website speed and navigation. Contains:

  • Website Acceleration
  • Advanced Website Acceleration (Dynamic)
  • Increased Google SEO
  • DDoS Protection

Web Firewall

Prevents disruptions through optimal protection against DDoS attacks and other threats. Contains:

  • Bad Bot Protection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • OWASP Top 10 Protection

Web Comply

Automates and simplifies PCI compliance. Contains:

  • 5 IPs for Scan
  • Unlimited Scans per Quarter
  • ASV Scan Report Included

Modular construction

Sectigo Web can be built in a completely modular way, and thus offers the right solution for every case. A single webshop will probably need a company validated single domain SSL certificate in combination with the detection and cleaning of malware. A more comprehensive infrastructure may require a wildcard SSL certificate for multiple subdomains, combined with the need for a higher loading speed and a good firewall. Sample cases are available for the various use cases.


Web Security packages

For optimal tuning, four Web Security packages have been composed that contain one or more of the Web Security components. All Sectigo SSL certificates come standard with the Monitor package that contains Web Detect. The packages Web Remediate, Web Perform and Web Complete are also available separately, without an SSL certificate.

Choose the bundle you need

A bundle consists of an SSL certificate and a Web Security package. All Sectigo SSL certificates come with Web Monitor for free. If desired, you can opt for a more extensive package. For this there are three bundles that contain a Web Security package in addition to an SSL certificate of your choice.




Web Monitor

Point of entry product for your customer. Designed to provide what everyone online needs – awareness.

  • Web Detect (5 pages)
  • Free with any Sectigo SSL certificate
  • Not available separately

Web Remediate

The perfect plan to maintain site uptime providing customers with comprehensive automatic scanning, cleaning and backup.

  • Web Detect (500 pages)


  • Web Patch
  • Web Clean
  • Web Backup & Restore (1 GB, 1 website, daily backup)
  • Web DNS
  • Included with Sectigo SSL Pro
  • Separate package from 1 to 5 year

From € 125

Web Perform

A set it and forget it security solution - designed specifically for small to medium businesses - automated and simple to use.

  • Web Detect (500 pages)
  • Web Patch
  • Web Clean
  • Web Backup & Restore (2 GB, 5 websites, backup every 12 hours)
  • Web DNS


  • Web Accelerate
  • Web Firewall
  • Included with Sectigo SSL Premium
  • Separate package from 1 to 5 year

From € 254

Web Complete

Proactive, multi-layered protection, designed specifically for businesses using their website to drive bottom line revenue.

  • Web Detect (500 pages)
  • Web Patch
  • Web Clean
  • Web Backup & Restore (5 GB, 10 websites, backup every 6 hours)
  • Web DNS
  • Web Accelerate
  • Web Firewall


  • Web Comply
  • Included with Sectigo SSL Enterprise
  • Separate package from 1 to 5 year

From € 425

More information

The Sectigo Web Security Platform is available through the Xolphin API. Do you want to know more about the possibilities, product details or connect to our API? Please contact one of our account managers via 088-775 775 3 or

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