iOS 10 - Secure E-mail

iOS for iPhone, iPod and iPad provides the function for secure sending e-mail with the S/MIME protocol. S/MIME is a standard for sending secured emails that works with a digital certificate which signs or encrypts the email. This manual is designed for iOS 7 to 10.

What do you need?


E-mail the P12/PFX to the e-mail account active on the iOS device. Select the P12/PFX in the e-mail and enter the password.

  1. Under Install profile select Install. SMIME IOS10 UK (1).PNG
  2. Enter the access code.
  3. A warning appears with The profile is not signed, select Install. De warning disappears once the intermediate certificates are installed. SMIME IOS10 UK (2).PNG
  4. Enter the password of the P12/PFX export and select Next. SMIME IOS10 UK (3).PNG
  5. Select Done. SMIME IOS10 UK (4).PNG
  6. Use the iOS device to visit the download page.
  7. Select the intermediate certificate associated with the certificate and select Install.
  8. Select the root certificate associated with the certificate and select Install.

Set up

  1. Under Settings go to iCloud.
  2. Under Advanced select Mail. SMIME IOS10 UK (5).PNG
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Turn S/MIME on and select Sign. SMIME IOS10 UK (6).PNG
  5. Turn Sign on and select the certificate. SMIME IOS10 UK (7).PNG
  6. Go back to Advanced.
  7. Choose Encrypt by default to send encrypted messages by default. This is only possible when the certificate of the receiver was saved in the address book. With this certificate the e-mail gets encrypted.


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