USB tokens

What is a USB-Token?

A USB-token, also called a PKI token is used to store a digital signature which is subsequently used to sign or log in. Due to the use of advanced encryption, PKI is considered to be the safest method of logging in. In addition, a USB-token complies with the requirements for qualified digital signatures and the extra demands from Adobe for advanced electronic signatures for participation in the AATL program, which boils down to the storage on a secured device.

Safe manner

Characteristically, a certificate on a USB-token can be deleted, but not removed from the token to install somewhere else. In addition, the USB-token is password protected.


Xolphin offers PDF Signing certificates from GlobalSign and Ensured for low-volume signing (where low-volume refers to the number of signatures per year) on a USB-token from SafeNet. These certificates are suitable for signing from a desktop computer, but not for server installation. A prerequisite for using a token is an available USB-port and a minimum of 128 MB RAM of available memory for installation of drivers and software. Note: The token only works on a Windows or Mac OS system.

PKI token van Safenet

Certificate including PKI token

PDF certificates on USB tokens will automatically be delivered with a token and corresponding programms for installing and using the token. There are no additional costs.

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Single PKI token

You can also order empty tokens.

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