IIS - Backup Certificate and Private Key to pfx File

We strongly advise you to always make a backup of the Private Key and the certificate. That way the certificate can be restored in case of technical problems.

Open the Local Machine certificate store

  1. Start the MMC using StartRun → type mmc.
  2. Go to the Console TabFileAdd/Remove Snap-in.
  3. Choose Computer Account.
  4. Choose Local Computer.
  5. Select Certificates.
  6. Close the Add Standalone Snap-in window.
  7. Click OK in the Add/Remove Snap-in window.
  8. Open the Certificates Console Tree.

Export certificate

  1. Find the folder named PersonalCertificates.
  2. Select the certificate of which a backup has to be made.
  3. Right-click the file and click All TasksExport.
  4. The Certificate Export Wizard will start. Click OK.
  5. Choose export the private key and click Next.
  6. Use the defaults settings and click Next.
  7. Choose a password to secure the backup and click Next.
  8. Save the file in a secure location. The backup has a .pfx extension.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. The message The export was successful is shown when the export finishes. Click OK.


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