SSL Certificate Waranty

The guarantee is the amount that is maximally distributed to an end user, if the SSL certificate is issued to an unauthorized party, in which the end user loses money. So the owner of the certificate is insured in case of claims, for example, from website visitors. The exact conditions for the payment of this amount vary by vendor. To our knowledge this guarantee amount was never paid out.

The warranty is also being called insured value (warranty) and varies by brand, type and validation level of the certificate. Refer to the details in the certificate list for the insured value per certificate. The warranty is offered by the Certificate Authorities. Below the term per CA:


To illustrate the guarantee, a fictional example: A hacker requests a certificate for your domain. We perform the standard validations to check whether the applicant was qualified to apply for the certificate for the company and for the domain. The hacker knows someone specified in the company and the person as a contact, so we were able to complete the telephone validation successfully. We are therefore unaware that a hacker to order the certificate. The hacker is an unauthorized party, because he has ordered a certificate for your business, while this was not allowed. Damage can result from misusing the certificate, for example because a virus is activated, which causes their computers to website visitors damage. The virus can cause damage for which the holder of the domain is responsible. you will suffer damage because you have to pay for damages.

The supplier of a certificate guarantees that the certificate can not be obtained by an unauthorized party. We can guarantee, because all kinds of checks are carried out. Should it be that the example above arises, then the said amount will be reimbursed to the party which has suffered damage.


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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