Symantec is world's most recognized and trusted brand for SSL Certificates and other secure website products. Symantec Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates represent maximum reliability and are delivered with the well-known Norton Secured Seal, among other extras.

SSL Certificates from Symantec

EV EV SSL - certificate with green address bar

The green address bar provides a more trustworthy appearance which can increase conversion. This makes it very suitable for web shops, banks and commercial websites.

With a single domain EV you get a free extra domain. This way the certificate works for the domain with and without www.


Secure Site EV Single Domain

£ 500.25

Secure Site Pro EV Single Domain

£ 739.50

Secure Site EV MDC

£ 865.65

Each extra domain

£ 430.65

Secure Site Pro EV MDC

£ 1,561.65

Each extra domain

£ 826.50

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Organization validation - certificate with company data

This certificate contains company data and is particularly suitable for public websites with no commercial function. Besides a secure connection it enables visitors to check in the certificate whether they are on the website of the intended company.


Secure Site Single Domain

£ 195.75

Secure Site Pro Single Domain

£ 500.25

Secure Site MDC

£ 369.75

Each extra domain

£ 169.65

Secure Site Wildcard Wildcard

£ 1,731.30

Secure Site Pro MDC

£ 865.65

Each extra domain

£ 339.30

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    Own validation team as RA for Sectigo (formerly Comodo) and GlobalSign.
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    ISO 27001 & WebTrust certified.
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