Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo) SSL Certificates are inexpensive and trusted by all browsers. Xolphin takes care of the validation for Sectigo certificates, which results in a very short delivery time and a Dutch or English validation process. Xolphin delivers a Sectigo EV certificate already within in day, with no need to provide us with documentation. All Sectigo certificates come with a 30-day money-back-guarantee and free reissue. The recognizable Sectigo Trustlogo is also included.

SSL Certificates from Sectigo

EV EV SSL - Certificate with directly visible company data

The clearly visible company name provides a trustworthy and professional appearance, within one mouse-click a visitor can check the owner of a website. This makes EV very suitable for commercial websites that value a professional appearance

With a single domain EV you get a free extra domain. This way the certificate works for the domain with and without www.


EV Single Domain

$ 165


$ 275

Each extra domain

$ 81.40

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Organization validation - certificate with company data

This certificate contains company data and is particularly suitable for public websites with no commercial function. Besides a secure connection it enables visitors to check in the certificate whether they are on the website of the intended company.


InstantSSL Single Domain

$ 88

PremiumSSL Single Domain

$ 97.90

PremiumSSL Wildcard

$ 385

Unified Communications MDC

$ 143

Each extra domain

$ 44

Each extra wildcard domain

$ 237.60

QWAC - Natural Person Single Domain

$ 228.80

QWAC MDC - Natural Person MDC

$ 457.60

Each extra domain

$ 228.80

QWAC - Organization Single Domain

$ 272.80

QWAC for PSD2 - Organization Single Domain

$ 657.80

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Domain validation - certificate without company data

This certificate does not contain any company data and is therefore suitable for non-public websites. The certificate is delivered very quickly, trusted by all browsers and provides a secure connection with 128/256 bit encryption.


PositiveSSL Single Domain

$ 22

PositiveSSL Wildcard

$ 143

PositiveSSL MDC

$ 33

Each extra domain

$ 19.80

Each extra wildcard domain

$ 108.90

Sectigo SSL Single Domain

$ 99

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  • Quality Guarantee

    Not satisfied? We guarantee a refund within 30 days.
  • 50,000 customers

    Since 2002 we have issued over 1,000,000 certificates
  • EV certificates delivered quickly

    Own validation team, Xolphin is RA for Sectigo
  • Safety first

    ISO 27001 certified.
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