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With a PDF signing certificate you can digitally sign PDF and Office documents.


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PDF certificate

Using a PDF certificate, you can add an authenticated signature to PDF files. The PDF signature is automatically trusted within Adobe Reader. You will see either a green checkmark or a blue rosette at the top of the document.

Secure storage

PDF signatures are always installed on hardware for added security. The certificate can then no longer be copied or reinstalled elsewhere. If you only (manually) sign a small number of documents, we offer a PKI token. For large numbers of documents and automated signing, it is better to purchase an HSM.


It is possible to add a timestamp along with the digital signature. This ensures the signature remains valid even after the certificate that was used has expired, because you can verify that the certificate was indeed valid at the time of signing. Furthermore, you can digitally archive signed documents, which is very important for long-term validation!

1. Type of certificate

Which certificate will you need?

Desktop certificate

This certificate identifies a person or department within an organisation.


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A personal PDF signature can be used to sign PDF documents on behalf of a person within an organisation. Delivery on a USB token.

2. Validity

The longer the validity, the higher your discount.

1 year

2 years

3 years

3. Products

The certificates are delivered on invoice basis with a payment term of 21 days.
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