I want to improve the Google Ranking of my website.

Any type of SSL certificate is sufficient for the Google ranking, as long as you use the SSL certificate on each page of the website.

Do you have a webshop or other commercial website? In this case an EV certificate is more suitable because of the identity guarantee and green address bar. A Domain validated certificate ensures a secured connection and shows a padlock in the browser bar, but it doesn't enable visitors to check the organisation behind the website. Only the ownership of the domain will be checked, which doesn't say anything about (the trustworthiness of) the organisation.

Because more checks are being performed before certificate issuance, certificates with company data provide more trust and protection to visitors. If for instance a company goes bankrupt, the certificate will be revoked immediately.

With an EV certificate websites look more professional and trustworthy. Because of the green address bar visitors can tell immediately who owns the website. Moreover it increases conversion. Several research shows that:

  • Consumers buy on average 18% more on websites with a green address bar.
  • According to research from CBS and Google 61% of the website visitors check the website's security, before entering their personal data.
  • Trust is one of the most important concerns with online shopping; 70% of the visitors prefers an EV certificate when shopping.

An often heard complaint, besides the higher price, is the difficult and long application process that usually takes at least a week. For Comodo certificates we do our own validation. This way, we can deliver Comodo EV certificates already within a day. There's also no need to provide us with documentation for the application.

EV certificate with green address bar


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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