Apple OS X 10.6 - Code signing - Foutmelding: No identity found

It's possible that, when trying to sign an application with the codesign command in Terminal, you get a "no identity found" error message.

bash-3.2$ codesign -s no identity found

This can have one of the following causes:

  • You are attempting to sign an application while not yet being in possesion of the certificate.
  • You are attempting to sign a java-application (.jar) with the codesign-command in Terminal.
  • You are attempting to sign an application with a certificate signed by a CA while the Certificate Revocation List option in yout Keychain is set to Best Attempt.

To solve these issues:

  1. It is best to start with a self-signed certificate; these suffice for test purposes. You can use this manual for generating a self-signed code signing certificate. You can always decide later to have the certificate signed by a third party (a Certificate Authority).
  2. For java applications you have to use the jarsigner Terminal command. You can find more information on this Java page
  3. Due to a bug in the Keychain the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) does not work properly. Use the following workaround:
    • Start Keychain and open Preferences
    • Click Certificates.
    • Make sure the Certificate Revocation List is set to Off.


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