Sectigo Trust Seal

The Sectigo (formerly Comodo) Trust Seal is a visual stamp displayed on a web site indicating the site is secure and the identity of the entity operating the site is authentic. This is a clear indicator for visitors that their personal data can be entered safely, and only shared with the genuine site operator.

Sectigo Trust Seal installation

The Trust Seal consists of an image and an HTML code. The code generates an interactive logo that shows the certificate data. The HTML code will only work if there is a Sectigo (Comodo) certifcate installed on the website.

  1. Copy one of the site seal graphics below by simply right clicking the image and selecting “Save image as…”.
  2. Upload the trust seal graphic to your web server.
  3. Refer to the HTML code below to make your upload as simple as possible.

Trust Seal Image


Sectigo Trust Seal small


Sectigo Trust Seal medium


Sectigo Trust Seal large

Trust Seal Code

You can download the code per certificate type here.


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