IIS - Generate CSR

This manual applies to IIS 7, 8, 8,5 and 10. A different manual is available for IIS 5 and 6, and Exchange 2000 and 2003.

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is required when applying for an SSL certificate. This CSR (and private key) can be generated on your webserver. To request a wildcard certificate, fill in an * (asterisk) for the subdomain, for example *.sslcertificaten.nl (instead of www.sslcertificates.nl).

  1. Open the IIS Manager via Start → Administrative Tools → IIS Manager.
  2. Choose the server name and then click Features (middle field)  
  3. Double-click Server Certificates under Security.
    IIS - Generate CSR 1
  4. Open the Properties page of the site which must be secured.
  5. Right-click Create Certificate Request under Actions panel to create a CSR.
    IIS - Generate CSR 2

  6. Click the Server Certificate button to start the wizard.
  7. In the first screen of the wizard you will be asked to fill in data concerning your organization. Please do so and click Next to go further.

    IIS - Generate CSR 3
  8. In the next screen of the wizard, the cryptography-settings are set. You can leave this at the standard setting (Microsoft RSA Channel Cryptography Provider). A Bit Length of 1024 bits is the default option; change this to 2048 bits as this is currently the minimum requirement. Please click Next to go to the next screen.

    IIS - Generate CSR 4

  9. Enter a file name and path to the location where the CSR must be stored (for instance c:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop\sslcertificaten.nl.csr). This information will be needed again when requesting the CSR later. Without specifying a location, your CSR will be saved to C:\Windows\System32. Click Finish. The CSR has now been saved.
    IIS - Generate CSR 5

    To order a certificate, copy the entire contents of the generated CSR, including the first and last line and all dashes.

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Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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