Sectigo Acquisition of Xolphin

A new chapter for Xolphin

Xolphin was acquired by Sectigo, a global leader in automated digital identity management solutions, including TLS / SSL certificates, DevOps, IoT, and enterprise-grade PKI management, as well as multi-layered web security. Combining expertise and resources with the world’s leading Certificate Authority (CA), Xolphin will continue to build on our superior customer rating of five-stars for outstanding support and rapid Extended Validation (EV) certificate validation.


Since our company was founded in 2002, we have issued more than a million certificates to more than 50,000 customers in Europe. We also have an active network of 3,000 resellers who rely on our expertise to quickly provide SSL certificates to secure website traffic, website vulnerability scanning, and digital signatures products for email, code signing, and PDF signing. Together, with Sectigo, we are well-positioned to strengthen our digital identity and web security offerings, build upon our successes, and continue to exceed customer and partner expectations. Benefits you can expect from this acquisition include:

  • Customer/Partner-first Experience

Xolphin takes great pride that our customers consistently give us a five-star rating for outstanding customer support. Our commitment to your satisfaction is further strengthened as we join forces with Sectigo. With an expanded global sales and support team, our dedication to rapid and reliable rapid and reliable SSL certificate delivery remains unchanged.

  • Extended Solutions Portfolio

Joining the global Sectigo organization will enable our team to offer an even broader set certificate solutions and automated web security products, including Sectigo’s award-winning Web Security Platform, Sectigo Certificate Manager, and other innovative technologies.

  • Industry Experience

Sectigo is the leading Certificate Authority (CA) with over 20 years’ experience in online trust. After 18 years, Xolphin has established itself as the largest provider of SSL certificates and digital signatures in the Netherlands. Together, we will build a world-class team and leverage our combined deep industry expertise to serve Xolphin’s customers across Europe.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are Xolphin and Sectigo joining forces?

Both Xolphin and Sectigo share a vision to drive innovation and provide leading solutions that protect businesses of all sizes from online threats while also building a strong team and culture. For years, we have partnered with Sectigo and developed a great deal of synergy between our two organizations. Our customers and partners will immediately benefit from this acquisition as we provide more value, more innovative solutions, and even better support. Becoming part of Sectigo is an essential step for our growth strategy, and we are excited about what the future holds.

What will happen to Xolphin?

The Xolphin brand, website, and business operation will continue to operate as a separate business unit known as Xolphin, a Sectigo Company. There are no changes to the business functions at Xolphin.

Will I still have the same level of support?

Yes. By combining forces with Sectigo, we can expand our global footprint for support and validation while providing additional resources to our customers and partners. You will receive the same level of personal service, outstanding customer-centric approach, and industry-leading solutions that you know us for and have come to expect.

What happens to the existing solution I purchased through Xolphin?

There are no changes to your existing solution, and you do not need to reorder or reinstall your certificate. When your certificate is up for renewal, you will have the same options to renew or upgrade your product with us.

Are there any changes to my existing solution, contract, or general business terms?


Will Xolphin continue to sell and support its existing suite of products?

Yes. No changes are being made to our existing product line up at this time. However, we do have plans to add more Sectigo solutions to our portfolio as our teams join efforts. Products from other CAs are currently still available to purchase and renew through our website or our sales team.

Does my support or sales contacts change?

No. Your existing contacts, and their contact information, remain the same.

Will you be changing your pricing structure? Or specific solutions that I am currently using?

There are no changes to your Sectigo pricing, however the prices from certain vendors have been adjusted to a market level. Specific solutions will continue to evolve as the company remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that create superior customer value.

Are there any executive changes as a result of this transaction?

Maarten Bremer and the rest of the core Xolphin team remain intact, and they are fully committed to working with Sectigo to continue Xolphin’s growth trajectory.

Can I still order certificates from other CAs?

As of today, the existing suite of products is still available to purchase through Xolphin. However, we are planning to transition all product offerings to Sectigo in the future.

As a reseller, can I get a higher discount on Sectigo products now?

Please contact your partner account manager to discuss your Sectigo pricing.

Will there be changes in the Control Panel, API, WHMC module?

There are no changes as a result of this news.

Will you be offering the full range of Sectigo products and solutions?


Who will invoice me?

You will still be invoiced by Xolphin.

Where can I find more information?

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact


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