Apache 1.3 - Generate CSR

This tutorial is for both Apache 1.x en 2.x.

It's required to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) when you need to order a certificate. This CSR can be generated together with the Private Key on your webserver.

Apache 1.x en 2.x make use of OpenSSL to manage their certificates and keys. The following manual can be used to generate the key and CSR:

OpenSSL - Generate CSR

When using Apache on Windows, OpenSSL also has been installed. To generate the key and CSR with OpenSSL on Windows:

  • Start a new command prompt and navigate to the OpenSSL directory and open OpenSSL.exe

Now following the manual OpenSSL - Generate CSR we can execute the commands, excluding the openssl argument at the start of each line.

You need to copy all contents of the generated CSR, including the begin- and endtags, and use this when ordering a certificate.


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