Why use a digital signature?

Sign your email, documents or software with a digital signature. By doing so, you can prove that a file truly comes from you and prevent anyone else from tampering with it. Digital signatures can also be used to open encrypted email messages, allowing you to exchange data in a secure manner without the risk of your information being intercepted and read by any third parties.

What kind of certificate will I need?

£ 12.30
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Email certificate

Used for signing email, Office documents and secure logins
  • After signing a document, no one can tamper with it without you knowing it.
  • You know exactly where a file comes from.
  • Works perfectly with most email programs and (Open) Office

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£ 259.60
Excl. VAT

Code signing certificate

Used for the secure use and distribution of software
  • You will not receive any safety warnings
  • You know that the software is real and where the program comes from
  • The time stamp ensures the validity of the signature

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£ 154
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PDF certificate

To sign authenticated PDF files
  • You no longer have to sign and send your documents manually
  • Extremely useful for e.g. invoices, contracts, forms, terms and conditions, and reports
  • Your signature is automatically trusted within Adobe Reader
  • Includes a time stamp, so you can store the file digitally for longer periods of time

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Why Xolphin?

  • Quality Guarantee

    Not satisfied? We guarantee a refund within 30 days.
  • EV certificates delivered quickly

    Own validation team, Xolphin is RA for Sectigo Info
    As Registration Authority for Sectigo (formerly Comodo), Xolphin is unique in Europe. This allows us to validate Sectigo certificates ourselves and issue certificates quickly.
  • Safety first

    ISO 27001 certified. Info
    Xolphin 's services comply with strict guidelines. Our information security protocols are certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. This means that we continuously record, maintain, execute, safeguard and improve our systems and annually inspect everything related to information security.
Xolphin has been known for years for its expert support and fast, reliable and affordable delivery of SSL certificates, digital signatures and related web security products from the most trusted brands.

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