Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo) offers inexpensive email certificates for signing and encrypting email and signing Office documents. You can also use them as a client certificate to login securely. Code signing certificates enable safe distrubution of software without safety warnings. Xolphin takes care of the validation for Sectigo certificates, which results in a very short delivery time and a Dutch or English validation process.

Digital Signatures from Sectigo

E-mail certificate

An email certificate can be used to sign email messages and Office documents. It can also be used to login securely to online services. The signatures provides certainty about the sender and the contents of the file.

Personal Email Security SMIME

£ 12.30

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Code signing certificates

A code signing certificate signs software applications and other code, it guarantees the authenticity of the software and the signatory. This allows safe distribution and use without security warnings.

Code Signing

£ 259.60

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  • Quality Guarantee

    Not satisfied? We guarantee a refund within 30 days.
  • 50,000 customers

    Since 2002 we have issued over 1,000,000 certificates
  • EV certificates delivered quickly

    Own validation team, Xolphin is RA for Sectigo
  • Safety first

    ISO 27001 certified.
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