Remote Access Agreement

If necessary, a support engineer can decide to help with the installation of the purchased SSL certificate or give assistance if there are problems with the certificate by logging in on a server and making necessary changes. This kind of support can be provided by Remote Access on which the support engineer of Xolphin gains access to the server (or the server that you control). On these services the terms and conditions ( of Xolphin are applicable.

Article 1. Express permission

To provide support via Remote Access, we need permission. This permission can be granted by signing this document.

  • The permission is explicitly and contains permission for the Xolphin support engineer to gain remote access and make necessary changes on the server on which you guarantee to be the owner or that is within your management.
  • By agreeing with the use of Remote Access software or by making login credentials, you give Xolphin your permission to watch on your screen and take control of your computer.
  • Xolphin will only perform activities related on the installation of the certificate, unless otherwise is agreed.

Article 2. Remote Support and Remote Installation

The permission is granted under certain conditions:

  • Remote support preferably takes place through tools that you can watch. You are able to see exactly what the support engineer is doing and you can learn from this as well. It is possible to assist with direct access to the server with given credentials but we prefer doing this together.
  • When access is granted by providing credentials and the password is provided by us, we would like to receive the temporary credentials so we are not able to login after support was given.

Article 3. Confidentiality and guarantee

When providing support via Remote Access, a support engineer may encounter confidential information. Xolphin ensures the information obtained is never used for purposes other than Xolphin's own service. The support engineer will make every effort to answer your question and/or solving the problem in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. Xolpin does not give a guarantee on the services provided.

Article 4. Liability

There is always the risk Xolphin makes a mistake during the support session or data gets lost. Please note that:

  • Xolphin is never liable for damage whatsoever, by giving support, like, but not limited to, any data loss, downtime or any other damage as a result of performed work on the server or computer.
  • The limitation of liability for direct damage contained in these terms is not applicable if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence by Xolphin.
  • It is strongly recommended to make backups before the support session is executed. Xolphin is not responsible for the creation, operation or preservation of copies.
  • In addition, Xolphin is never responsible and can not be held liable for problems arising after using, customizing or using tools or installed files.




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