Problem with issuance of certificates due to disruption at Comodo resolved

12 May 2017

Since thursday night the 11th of May, Comodo suffered from a serious database disruption for quite some time, which made it impossible the execute their CA activities. Due to this they weren’t able to process Comodo requests. By now the disruption has been resolved and the work resumed.

What was going on?

Comodo uses a database, located in multiple, redundant places. When their primary site experienced difficulties, they tried to switch to a different location, but it became apparent that these locations had problems as well. Comodo decided to restore a backup of her database, but due to the size of this backup, the restoration process took longer than expected. The disruption lasted almost 20 hours.

All pending requests were processed by Xolphin, and after Comodo restored their database all certificates were issued.

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