The browser still displays your old certificate

Has the certificate been installed correctly?

Has the certificate been installed correctly and is the new certificate visible when clicking on the lock icon? When the domain name or expiration date doesn't match the issued certificate, the installation was not fully successful or the server should be restarted.

Did you restart the browser?

Did you restart the webbrowser after installation? Browsers do cache sessions, so after installation this cache has to be cleared. This is best done by restarting. Internet Explorer uses a variation on this, the SSL cache can be erased via Menu ExtraInternet Options → tab Content and click on Clear SSL State. While reconnecting the new certificate should be visible.

Did you reboot the server?

Did you reboot the (web)server after installation? Quite often it's needed to completely reboot the actual server (not only the service / daemon).

Has the certificate been paired to the website / service?

After installation, it's often required to pair the certificate to the service for which it was ordered, like POP, IMAP and SMTP with Exchange. In our manuals on the support pages and in the Knowledgebase you can review if there might be any additional steps to take after installation.


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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