Transition from Comodo CA to Sectigo

From November 1st, Comodo CA is called Sectigo. The company and brandname changed from Comodo CA to Sectigo. This also applies to the productnames: Comodo SSL is now called Sectigo SSL. For instance, a Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is now Sectigo PositiveSSL. The trustlogos have changed too, but the root certifcates and their browsersupport didn't. The productportfolio and the pricing will remain the same.

What is the impact for website visitors and end-users?

  • Website visitors value Comodo as a well-known and trusted brand. In order to maintain this trust and to enable a smooth transition, a combined logo will be available for use up to November 1st, 2019.
  • For Comodo certificate owners the impact will be small, all Comodo certificates will continue to work. The root structure doesn't change, so no adjustments or new installations are needed. All certificates will still be trusted by browsers and applications. New Sectigo certificates will be issued from the Comodo root in order to stay trusted. 
  • Trustlogo's wil need an update, by using this instruction.

What is the impact for resellers?

Comodo resellers will have to make some adjustments in their communication. Do yo offer Comodo certifcates on your website, or in quotes? Then things like name and logo will have to be adjusted. A styleguide and logo material are available. To avoid confusion, customers will have to be informed. We will contact our resellers about this subject seperately.

Why this change?

Last year Comodo's certificate division was acquired by Fransisco partners. Since then, the certificate division is called Comodo CA (Certficiation Authority), while the original Comodo continued as Comodo Cyber Security in offering cyber security services like cWatch. The fact that both organisations operate in the same market caused too much confusion for the public. Sectigo, with the tagline 'Secure today - seize your tomorrow' will focus on 'security on the go', by offering a complete platform for all products, instead of just offering SSL certificates and digital signatures. Recently they launched their IoT PKI Manager.

What were and will be the logo's?

The image below left shows the Comodo CA logo that was used last year, after the acquisition by Fransisco partners. Before the acquisition, the red logo on the right was used. By now, both logo's are out of date.

Oude Comodo huisstijl

The first image below left shows the logo that can be used up to November 1st, 2019. The second image is the definitive logo. Check and download the new images here.



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