Ensured PDF certificate installation

In Short

The Ensured PDF certificate will be delivered in two parts:

  • You can download the certificate via an e-mail that you receive from Xolphin. For this you need a pick-up password that you receive from Xolphin too.
  • Driver software is required for use of the token. Follow the steps in this manual to install the software on your desktop or laptop.

Below are the instructions for installing and configuring the token.

Installation driver software

Driver software is required to use the token. Follow the steps in this manual to install the software on your desktop or laptop.

Set the token password

During the application you entered a temporary password, with which the token is now configured. After installing the driver software for the token, the temporary password can be changed with the SafeNet tools, which can be found on a Windows computer via the Taskbar, or on the Mac from the menu bar.

Install Ensured certificate on token

After validating the certificate you will receive an email from Sectigo with a unique URL with which the ordered certificate can be installed on the token. This requires that the token is connected to the computer, so that the installation can be completed immediately. After clicking on the so-called pick-up link, a brief message will be displayed and you will be asked for the token password, after which the token's LED will flash for approximately 30 seconds and the installation will be completed.


  • Use a desktop or laptop to retrieve your certificate, not a mobile phone or tablet. After this you can easily export and import the certificate on your mobile device.
  • After installation, make a backup of the certificate by exporting it including private key, and keep the backup in a safe place. Instructions for this are shown after installation.

When this step is complete your certificate is ready! More information about the use of your PDF certificate can be found here.

To revoke your certificate you can send an email to finance@ensured.com.

If problems or error messages occur, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help!


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