EV Code Signing

Extended Validation code signing certificates comply to strict extended validation standards (EV Guideliness) of the CA/Browser Forum and to Microsoft specifications. A Code signing certificate enables you to sign your software and ActiveX applications digitally. The signature guarantees the identity of the the author and the integrity of the software, and prevents browser warnings. For some applications and device drivers an EV Code Signing certificate is even required.

  • Windows Smartscreen
    EV Code Signing certificates have an added benefit of providing instant reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen. Your certificate is added to the Microsoft SmartScreen at the moment of issuance. The signature is trusted directly and prevents SmartScreen warnings. Standard Code Signing certificates must build up reputation with the SmartScreen program before SmartScreen warnings disappear.
  • Windows driver signing
    EV Code Signing certificates are required for accessing the Windows Hardware Developer Center Dashboard Portal, through which all kernel-mode drivers targeting Windows 10 must be signed

USB Token

EV Code Signing Certificates can only be delivered on a secure USB hardware token. An encrypted USB token is used for secure authentication, adding two-factor authentication to the signing process. We offer this certificate from Sectigo.


What is de difference between regular code signing and EV code signing?

Standard Code signing certificate EV Code signing certificate
Standard validation process Extended validation process
Local storage External storage on hardware
Supported by all major browsers and operating systems Supported by all major browsers and operating systems
Not directly trusted by Windows Smartscreen Immediately trusted by Windows Smartscreen
Not suitable for Windows driver signing Suitable for Windows driver signing

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