Changes Affecting Xolphin as of 15 February 2024

Xolphin is now part of Sectigo. As part of our ongoing strategy to leverage the latest technology in our validation processes, and to improve Xolphin customers' validation times, Sectigo is updating the Xolphin platform and APIs. This means, however, that API changes are coming to Resellers who sell OV/EV SSL and Code Signing certificates issued by Sectigo.

For more information see our guide. For questions contact Xolphin Support.


  • Note: This manual assumes you have created the CSR with the Java Keytool manual.  As an example we use /etc/ssl/crt as a saving location for the certificate files; is used as an example of an FQDN. T...


  • There are a variety of server and router products that make use of Java. To be able to manage certificates, Java contains the keytool command. This manual describes how to generate a Private key and CSR with the use of the ...



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