DirectAdmin - Assigning an IP Address to a User

Before an user is able to install an SSL certificate in DirectAdmin, the user should be assigned a dedicated IP address.

This can be done as followed:

  1. The admin that created the user should have a spare unassigned IP-address available. This can be checked via Reseller Level → IP Management: where an IP-address should be listed with the status free. When this IP-address is available, you can skip to step 3.
  2. When there is no free IP-address available, one has to be assigned to the reseller account. This can be done via Admin Level → IP Management by selecting an IP-address that is currently not in use. Select the reseller and click on Assign To.
  3. When the IP-addres is already is used as a shared address and therefore has an entry in the file '/etc/httpd/conf/ips.conf', it can be released via Reseller Level → IP manager → Free Selected.
  4. The IP-address can now be assigned to the user by clicking on Reseller Level → List Users → <username> → Modify User username, then selecting the free IP-addres and clicking on Save'. Next to the free IP-address you should NOT see the word Shared.

After the installation you can check wether the certificate has been assigned, by navigating with your browser to http://<ip-address>/ or http://[<ipv6 ip-address>]/ and checking if the Shared IP page is shown or not.
Note: After assinging the IP-address it could be that you have to wait before an default Apache page or the Shared IP page is shown; this is normal and has to do with the DNS change and the TTL.


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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