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In addition to monitoring current certificate requests, you can manage certificates, account settings and invoices in the Control Panel.


The dashboard shows requests which require action, certificates that expire within 30 days and invoices that have not yet been paid.


On the Certificates page you will find all active and expired certificates. You can take the following actions on this page:

  • Search by certificate name or show a selection of all, or only valid certificates.
  • Download the certificate files (note: this is not possible for email certificates)
  • Renewing an SSL certificate.
  • Reissue a certificate.
  • Revoke a certificate.
  • Download an overview of all certificates to XLS format.
  • Save renew notifications to your calendar.


In the Control Panel on the Account page you can manage your account preferences. You can take the following actions on this page:

  • Sign, view and download the Processor Agreement (necessary for resellers in compliance with the GDPR).
  • Set up two factor authentication for your login and change your password. You can only set this for your own login account.
  • Registering and deregistering for the newsletter.
  • Manage users (as an administrator)
  • Directly alter your address, contact and invoice data. Other changes can be communicated to us by e-mail.


Mutiple users can be registered under an account. A role can be assigned per user:

  • Administrator has all powers.
  • New users are the default Administrator.
  • User can not add, delete, or adjust users. API Only API access, no access to the Control Panel.

Administrator   Has all powers. New users are Administrator by default.
User   Can not add, delete, or adjust users.
API   Only API access, no access to the Control Panel 

The administrator can add and remove new users. Before adding it is necessary to enter a temporary password. As an administrator you can send a password reset email with which the new user can set their own password.


On the Invoices page you will find an overview of the outstanding and paid invoices. You can take the following actions on this page:

  • Download invoices as a PDF file.
  • Pay outstanding invoices (if desired) with iDeal or credit card. Note: This option is only available for invoices in Euro.
  • Download a form for setting up direct debit.

Recent changes

The Control Panel is regularly expanded with new functions. Do you have specific wishes? We'd like to hear them.

Below is a list with all the recent changes:

  • Processing agreement added on the Account tab.
  • With a reissue of a certificate, it is no longer possible to change organizational data.
  • Dashboard added where you can immediately see which applications, certificates or invoices need action.
  • It is no longer necessary to provide a Captcha code when sending an email to us, if you are logged in.
  • User roles added. With this you can directly create a user who only works with the control panel or only with the API.
  • Better support for resending validation e-mails for multi-domain certificates.
  • Log in with two-factor authentication.
  • Request to cancel requests and revoke certificates.
  • Directly schedule appointments for telephone validation.
  • Additional languages ​​added: besides Dutch and English you can now also place an order in German, Swedish and Danish and in different currencies.
  • Extra payment options PayPal and credit card were added.
  • Next to SSL, it's now possible to download code- and PDF certificates from the Control Panel
  • Change your account data instantly.
  • The PayPal payment option is no longer available.


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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