Check Point - Generate CSR

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is required when applying for an SSL certificate. This CSR (and private key) can be generated on your webserver. To request a wildcard certificate, fill in an * (asterisk) for the subdomain, for example * (instead of

  1. Start Putty and login as root administrator.
  2. Once logged in, switch to expert mode by using the command "expert".
  3. Enter the expert password.
  4. Create a CSR and KEY file, using the following command: (select your own name for the *.csr and *.key file. In this example we use ''.) Cpopenssl req –new –out –keyout –config $CPDIR/conf/openssl.cnf
  5. Enter a PEM password, which is needed to import a CSR within Check Point. Without a password, the certificate cannot be imported and is therefore rendered useless. Confirm the password by entering it a second time.
  6. Enter the two letter country code. Enter the state or province name. Enter the locality. Enter the organization name. Enter the common name (hostname/FQDN). Set the optional challenge password (this is recommended for additional security). Set the optional company name.
  7. The created CSR can now be displayed by using the following command: cat

To order a certificate, copy the entire contents of the generated CSR, including the first and last line and all dashes.

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Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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