Caddy - SSL Certificate Installation

While Caddy supports Automatic HTTPS, meaning it will install a working domain validation certificate for easy deployment, Caddy also supports installing your own certificate. The key-pair should be in PEM format, so it can be included in your Caddy webserver configuration. If you need to convert your PFX (p12) file to PEM, please use this manual.


To add your private key and certificate chain in Caddy, you will need to edit and add the following line to your .caddy file;

 tls cert key
  • cert is the certificate file. If the certificate is signed by a CA, this certificate file should be a bundle: a concatenation of the server's certificate followed by the CA's certificate (root certificate usually not necessary).
  • key is the server's private key file which matches the certificate file.

The result will look something like below:

 tls /etc/ssl/mycert-chain.pem /etc/ssl/mykey.pem


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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