Barracuda - Certificate installation

Immediately after being issued, your SSL certificate will be sent to you by email. It is also possible to download the certificate from the Control Panel. The file containing the certificate will have the same name as the domain name it is meant for (for example: www_sslcertificaten_nl.crt).

Note: Barracuda expects a certificate returned of which the details match those that were in the CSR. If there are problems during the importation, it is easiest to modify the details in Barracuda so that they match the details that were in the certificate exactly.

Combined Certificate Files

In order to be able to install the certificate, it must first be combined with the root and intermediate certificates in a .pem-file. Please Note: If no use is made of root or intermediate certificates, then only the domain certificate needs to be installed in the .pem file.

  1. Open the certificate belonging to your website in a simple text editor (for example Notepad, not Word).
  2. Open the root and intermediate certificates in a text editor as well.
  3. Copy the entire contents of the root and intermediate certificates, including all lines and dashes. Paste the contents of each of the certificates below the contents of the domain certificate, leaving one Enter in between each certificate. Your file should now have the following structure:

    <encrypted data web server certificate>
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    <encrypted data intermediate certificate>
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    <encrypted data second intermediate certificate, if relevant>
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    <encrypted data root certificate>
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

In short, the order of certificates in the file should be: web server certificate - intermediate certificate(s) - root certificate.

Certificate Installation

  1. Save the combined file with a memorable name and a .pem file extension, such as www_sslcertificaten_nl.pem .
  2. Login to the Barracuda device.
  3. Go to Advanced SSL and click Upload Signed Certificate.
  4. Choose the saved file and upload it to the Barracuda device.
  5. Choose Trusted (Signed by a trusted CA) as certificate type after the upload has completed.
  6. Restart the Barracuda device. The certificate is now active.

All necessary steps to install your web server certificate have now been completed. Please make sure to adequately secure your certificate files, and to store a backup of your private key and web server certificate in a safe location. You should also install the root and intermediate certificates. Check whether the certificate is correctly installed with the SSLCheck and ensure an optimal configuration with these tips and settings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter problems or error messages.


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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