Apple OS X Server 10.4 - Certificate installation

Immediately after being issued, your SSL certificate will be sent to you by email. It is also possible to download the certificate from the Control Panel. The file containing the certificate will have the same name as the domain name it is meant for (for example: www_sslcertificaten_nl.crt).

Please Note: the root- and intermediate certificates must be installed before the domain certificate is installed.

Installation root- and intermediate certificates

  1. Save the root and intermediate certificates to the desktop.
  2. Navigate to Applications Utilities using Finder and doubleclick on Keychain Access.
  3. If the button at the bottom left says Show Keychains, click on it to show the Keychain list.
  4. Select System keychain on the left.
  5. Select menu File Import and select the stored rootcertificate.
  6. Give the password when asked.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the intermediate certificate(s); then close Keychain Access.

Installation certificate

  1. Open the received domain certificate with TextEdit.
  2. Start Server Admin and connect to the server which will host the certificate.
  3. Choose the server under the Computers & Services section.
  4. Click the Settings tab at the bottom of the rightmost window. Then click on the Certificates tab at the top of the rightmost window.
  5. Seclect the icon of the opened CSR. Click on the Pencil icon to edit the file.
  6. Click on the Add Signed Certificate... button.
  7. Copy the entire contents of the certificate opened in step 1, including the start- and endlines, and post this in the available feild. Click on OK.
  8. Click on Save. The certificate is now active and can be linked to the services of the server (website, mail, etc.) through selecting the service in Server Admin, selecting the certificate, and then clicking Save.


Our SSLCheck will examine your website's root and intermediate certificates for correctness and report any potential issues

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