Apache Mod nns - Generate CSR

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is required when applying for an SSL certificate. This CSR (and private key) can be generated on your webserver. To request a wildcard certificate, fill in an * (asterisk) for the subdomain, for example *.sslcertificaten.nl (instead of www.sslcertificates.nl).

Creating the Certificate DataBase

  • Execute the following command to create the certificate database: certutil -N -d /path/to/certificate/The option /path/to/certificate/ should be the filepath to where you want to store the certificate.The following response should now apear:Enter a password which will be used to encrypt your keys.The password should be at least 8 characters long,and should contain at least one non-alphabetic character.Enter new password:Re-enter password:
  • Enter a password twice, containing at minimum 8 characters and 1 digit or special character.

Create the CSR

  1. The CSR can now be created with the following command: certutil -R -s "CN=www.servercertificates.com, O=Xolphin, L=Heerhugowaard, ST=Noord-Holland, C=NL" -o www_servercertificates_com.req -a -g 2048 -d /path/to/certificate/The response should be:Enter Password or Pin for "NSS Certificate DB":
  2. Here you should enter the same password as we entered before when creating the database.The following text should apear:A random seed must be generated that will be used in the creation of your key. One of the easiest ways to create a random seed is to use the timing of keystrokes on a keyboard. To begin, type keys on the keyboard until this progress meter is full. DO NOT USE THE AUTOREPEAT FUNCTION ON YOUR KEYBOARD! Continue typing until the progress meter is full: |************************************************************| Finished. Press enter to continue: Generating key. This may take a few moments... Continue typing until the progress meter is full:
  3. Now keep entering some random keys on the keyboard (don't keep them pressed) until the indicator is full, and hit enter.A file will be created that looks like:Certificate request generated by Netscape certutil Phone: (not specified) Common Name: www.servercertificates.com Email: (not specified) Organization: Xolphin State: Noord-Holland Country: NL -----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- FWc94gDObGwakZtdQvDJSrMU2gSWa1DLHDXsHSWHa/wUJRQ2KKU8Z1/lW03CrFcb I1VM8PnczqskfC3b7LZ9vn2w5Yydkt6t2zUU9g/rWRTgNawlgPwIHUqUsc3T23fs <<< meer regels code >>> hkiG9w0BAQUFAAOCAQEAUDQb8sKKgbMJTz0+FmiUnZW7AYciNwF50KT6vMJ7TB V/qrTMqErB+kluLFRYjWo+18pcrPfN3V5SPUUH4vuKJ8EH1staAccW2f/FSFZswr fsWjRGAG3pE0hWwob9aCYbT03n/E9CktfGhpZJ+rwerwec+= -----END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----

To order a certificate, copy the entire contents of the generated CSR, including the first and last line and all dashes.

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