Complete Vulnerability scanning tool

Most organizations do not have the internal resources and expertise to properly perform a vulnerability scan. The solution is MyVAS®: it combines automated scanning with manual expertise to help you manage vulnerabilities.

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Discover "MyVAS®", the simple, low-cost vulnerability inventory solution to enhance your enterprise security.

MyVAS® is the first proactive vulnerability scanning solution that allows you to regularly inspect your information system to detect and fix vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

By combining multiple automated scanning technologies with the analysis of our team of certified cybersecurity experts, we can provide a comprehensive assessment and appropriate remediation solutions for your entire external and internal environment. This way you can be sure that your organization is - and remains - protected against increasingly sophisticated attacks. For this, the system uses several components:

Perimeter Vulnerability Tests

Test the defined perimeter for vulnerabilities in systems, applications, and infrastructure using a combination of multiple scanning technologies.

Manual Security Analysis

Enables regular expert security scans through multiple scanning vendors, including Qualys, Burp, and Tenable (coming soon).

Vulnerability test voor cloudplatforms

Test for file and system configuration vulnerabilities and application services in public cloud and multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Application Vulnerability Tests

Ensures that web applications are not exposed to vulnerabilities from, among others, the OWASP top 10, such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Our experts also support API analysis.

MyVAS® reports

Provides detailed and customized report formats for all types of audiences (technical, management, etc.)

Threat Response

Scan vulnerabilities across your entire ecosystem to eliminate false positives and provide you with a prioritized report of threats requiring urgent action and appropriate actions.

MyVAS® Dashboard

An overview of your assets, scans and vulnerabilities in a few clicks.

Compose your own package

You can choose from four subscriptions with different service levels, available from € 180 per year

After selecting the desired service level, you can opt for monthly or quarterly scanning of the internal infrastructure and/or web applications. The price also depends on the number of IP addresses or web applications that you want to scan. Of course, it is always possible to purchase additional services, such as an additional extra scan, in the meantime.

We offer MyVAS in collaboration with our partner company SSL247.

Starter Scanning

Self-service Vulnerability Scanning

Starter Analyse

Analysis of imported reports by our security experts


Self-service Vulnerability Scanning, analysis of imported reports by our security experts and Vulnerability scanning with analysis by security experts.


A fully managed scanning service where the scanning and analysis is performed by our security experts.

Offer MyVAS yourself

With MyVAS you offer your customers a single, cloud-based platform that monitors vulnerabilities and can perform internal and external scans, using different scan engines. You can also flexibly tailor the offer to the wishes of the customer, making it suitable for large and smaller organizations. There is a choice in, for example, the type of scan, the degree of support, the number of IP addresses or applications, and there is extensive user management.

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