Penetration Tests, Audits & Scans

The complex, dynamic environment of your enterprise IT architecture is a modern marvel. It is also a major risk. Every day your organization is constantly in jeopardy of suffering a security breach from threats originating from both the outside and the inside. We have a range of services to help you keep your company safe.

What Cybersecurity Services do we deliver?

External Penetration Testing

Our External Penetration Testing provides you with an overview of the state of your organization's perimeter security and covers the possible points of vulnerability from external threats.

Internal Penetration Testing

Penetration testing for internal vulnerabilities is the answer to finding and analyzing the weak points that threaten your organization from within.

Cloud Platforms Penetration Testing

We will provide you with a complete overview of the state of your organization's security, covering multiple points of vulnerability across your cloud environment.

Internet of Things Penetration Testing

We can help your organization reduce risk and avoid compliance violations resulting from exploitable vulnerabilities in your expanding and increasingly complex connected environments - including IoT.

Application Penetration Testing

Our CREST accredited team will cover multiple points of vulnerability and perform a broad range of tasks to evaluate and enhance the security of your application.

Incident Response

Our experts can determine to what extent your data and systems have been compromised and how to remediate the breach.


Our in-house Consultancy Service experts are available to help you with a wide range of security processes and tasks including writing, developing, training, benchmarking and advising.

Compliance & Audit

A security audit discovers loopholes in your enterprise security that can be difficult to identify in "black box" testing - loopholes that, left undetected, can result in devastating, long-lasting impacts to your organization.

Why Xolphin?

  • Quality Guarantee

    Not satisfied? We guarantee a refund within 30 days.
  • EV certificates delivered quickly

    Own validation team, Xolphin is RA for Sectigo Info
    As Registration Authority for Sectigo (formerly Comodo), Xolphin is unique in Europe. This allows us to validate Sectigo certificates ourselves and issue certificates quickly.
  • Safety first

    ISO 27001 certified. Info
    Xolphin 's services comply with strict guidelines. Our information security protocols are certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. This means that we continuously record, maintain, execute, safeguard and improve our systems and annually inspect everything related to information security.
Xolphin has been known for years for its expert support and fast, reliable and affordable delivery of SSL certificates, digital signatures and related web security products from the most trusted brands.
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