Xolphin SOAP API moved and expanded with REST and Comodo API

15 January 2016

To easily request and manage SSL certificates, you can use an API. In addition to the existing SOAP API, we now also offer a REST API and a Comodo API. You can also use webhooks to automatically report application status updates.

Advantages of an API

The major advantage of an API is that you can use it to order certificates with your own system, instead of having to use the Control Panel. You can integrate the entire application process within your own software or website. The API supports the most common features of certificate management, e.g. ordering certificates, requesting status updates for your orders and resending validation emails. The use of these APIs is free of charge.


The existing SOAP API has moved and is now available via api.xolphin.com. If you use the SOAP API, it is important to start using this new URL.

New APIs

All API versions offer the same features. Which API works best for you depends on your own preferences and experience. We recommend theĀ REST API to new users, because it is easier to integrate. If you are currently using the Comodo API and you want to start purchasing Comodo certificates via Xolphin, you can use the Xolphin Comodo API. This makes it easy to switch without modifying any code.


With a webhook, our system will automatically send status updates to a URL of your choosing. This eliminates the need to manually request status updates. This feature works with all APIs.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more or if you need help with the implementation process, you can contact our support department via support@sslcertificaten.nl or by calling 088-775 775 1. If you would prefer a live demonstration with commentary from the developers, you can attend our release party! More details to be announced.

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