Altering company data not allowed anymore in Comodo certificates

23 March 2018

From now on it is prohibited to alter company data in a Comodo certificate after issuance. Comodo applied this policy change to all Comodo certificates.

Why these changes?

For altering certificate data, re-validation and issuance of a certificate is necessary. Limiting these options will reduce the chance for errors, and should result in a faster issuance process and enhanced safety.

What is not possible anymore?

Certificates with Organisation - or Extended validation contain company data, like a company name, address and chamber of commerce number.  You enter this data when you order a certificate. We check this data before certificate issuance in line with strict guidelines. Until recently it was possible to alter the company data in a certificate during its validity period by doing a reissue. From now on this isn’t possible anymore.

What is still possible?

In case the company data is wrong, you may cancel the certificate at no cost within 30 days after issuance, and order a new certificate with the correct company data. Adding extra domains to a multidomain certficate is by doing  a reissue is still possible.

In case of any questions, please contact us.

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