97% of websites today have no baseline security

There are over 3 billion users visiting more than 995 million websites. Those websites aren't secure: estimates show that 97% of the active websites don't use SSL as basic security, while the number of data breaches steadily grows.

Symantec Encryption Everywhere

The threat of cyber security attacks on business platforms and personal information is increasing more and more each day. Constantly evolving market dynamics have created the need for hosting providers and their customers to ensure the right level of security is in place for all their sites, applications, and data in motion.

Encryption Everywhere: 100% Encryption

Enryption Everwhere allows you as a web host to offer free encryption to all your clients, using a customizable freemium encryption platform. You can offer complimentary Domain Validated SSL to all your hosting clients. By this you create upsell opportunites for a 100% customer base instead of the average 3%!

Encryption Everywhere is:


  • Many upsell opportunities for partners
  • Plenty solutions for clients, based on customer
  • Easy upsell to premium products: wildcards, multidomain certificates, ECC, IDN, EV certificates.
  • Unlimited reissues
  • Unlimited number of certificates per domain / FQDN.

Easy to use

  • API Available
  • Global 24x7 support
  • Nearly 100% browser compatibility


  • Response at scale for vulnerablities.
  • Strong user protection by detection of malware sites

Why secure the Web?

The reasons grow continuously, like:

  • The growth of more sophisticated hacks require more website protection.
  • Consumers are becoming more aware of the risks, and want to be protected.
  • HTTP/2 is growing rapidly because of major performance benefits, but browsers like FireFox and Chrome will only support HTTP/2 websites that use encryption.
  • Parties like Chrome and Wordpress will make important features only available for encrypted websites.
  • Major browsers are increasing the visual warnings for non secure websites.
  • Since 2014 Google uses HTTPS as a ranking signal, favouring encrypted websites.

How does Encryption Everywhere work?

After securing all your customers' websites, you can actively start upselling to other SSL products like other certificate types, brands and trust levels. You can do this directly from the beginning with every new customer, by offering an OV/EV/wildcard certificate for a discounted price per month, next to the free SSL option. You can also upsell to current free SSL customers, by offering add ons like:

  • Warranty to the free SSL
  • Norton Symantec Seal to the free SSL
  • An email Client SSL certificate
  • Malware scanning / vulnerability scanning
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Symantec endpoint protection
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