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Xolphin helps you secure your online communication - with our experienced team (20+ people) we provide SSL certificates and digital signatures. For your requests and technical support you can rely on our expertise . Since 2002, we have become the largest supplier of SSL certificates in the Netherlands. We are WebTrust certified and thus meet strict guidelines, allowing us to quickly deliver your certificates.


Vulnerability in SHA-1 proven

23 February 2017

SHA-1 certificates being decryptable in theory is nothing new. Back in 2014, shifting to the new SHA-2 algorithm was already being encouraged. Today, a Dutch researcher cracked SHA-1 in practice. What does this mean? After years of research, Dutch researcher Marc Stevens from CWI Amsterdam (research institute for mathematics and computer science) cracked the SHA-1 algorithm in practice. In order to crack...

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Xolphin now Encryption Everywhere partner and Registration Authority for Symantec

12 January 2017

Symantec announces Xolphin as the first Encryption Everywhere partner for the Benelux and first Registration Authority in Europe. Xolphin will offer encryption to websites and web hosting providers throughout the region, while also operating as a Registration Authority for Symantec SSL certificates. 100% encryption for customers of webhosting providers Symantec Corp., the world’s leading cyber security company, today announced that Xolphin...

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