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    As Registration Authority for Sectigo (formerly Comodo) and GlobalSign Xolphin is unique in Europe. This allows us to validate Sectigo and GlobalSign certificates ourselves and issue certificates quickly.
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    Xolphin has a WebTrust certification - therefore our services comply with strict guidelines. Our information security protocols are certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. This means that we continuously record, maintain, execute, safeguard and improve our systems and annually inspect everything related to information security.
Xolphin helps you secure your online communication. With our experienced team, consisting of over 20 people, we provide a wide range of products, ranging from SSL certificates to digital signatures. Started in 2002, Xolphin is now the largest SSL certificate supplier in the Netherlands. As Registration Authority for Sectigo (formerly Comodo), Symantec and GlobalSign, we meet strict guidelines, allowing quick delivery of your certificates.


Browsers alter the display and notifications for SSL certificates

15 August 2019

A lot is happening with regard to the display of HTTP and HTTPS by the different browsers. They are working on improving the recognisability of secure websites and the strive to HTTPS by default for some time now. Warnings for HTTP become more serious From version 70, the widely used web browser Mozilla Firefox will mark all webpages without HTTPS ...

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Resign Java code by expired Sectigo timestamping certificate

22 May 2019

The Sectigo timestamping certificate expires on July 9, 2019, and has been replaced. After this date Java-code signed with this certificate will cause warnings. These warnings can be resolved by signing and timestamping the code again. What are the consequences? The expiry of the timestamping certificate only has consequences for Java-code signed before March 4, 2019. This may ...

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